Donna’s Tamales is committed to organic farming and sustainability. We understand the economics and environmental impact of Agribusiness. We believe the simple act of enjoying our products will have a positive affect on your ecology and that of the earth. Donna Eichhorn was the heart and soul of Donna’s Tamales. Preparing memorable delicious meals is an intricate part of her life. Donna’s culinary training began at an early age.

Her Mother blended the flavors of Tennessee cooking with California’s fresh ingredients leaving an impression on Donna’s palate. Donna’s own cooking is inspired by the Latin influences that surround us in California.

Her work in Marin County as chef manager of a popular restaurant encouraged her to fill the void of fresh healthy meal choices. As a busy woman always looking for quick healthy nutritious dinner choices, Donna knew she could create something that would satisfy nearly everyone’s palate.

We hope that our effort will make your lives a little easier, satisfying and healthful. Please try and enjoy all of the products made by Donna’s Tamales.